to my personal site
Hey friends thank you for visting my site.My name is
Pooja Sharma and have done my B.Tech in 
Computer Science and after that   worked in 
Asp.net (Basically Web Technology).

I m a great lover of web technology. It put me so many efforts to bring this site
and after all i just remember one thing that said by my senoir "Nothing is difficult 
in life just starting anything is difficult ".If you want to live life king SIZE the 
follow   this rule and achive what ever you want in life.

This site basically about my work about my love and about my family and the      
purpose of my site is to providce you the simple solution of your problem
if you like it do write to me and enjoy surffing net.Because thats the beautifull thing created by HUMAN BEING.....

       So enjoy and have fun .......
                                                                                              Pooja Sharma

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